028 9032 6795

028 9032 6795

Ongoing Care

Check-ups and hygiene visits are the key to long term stability. If you wish, we will automatically send you appointments. You can choose from Pay-as-you-Go or direct debit with Denplan Essentials.


Your oral health is assessed and we provide appropriate advice on the short and long term stability, comfort aesthetics and function of your smile as well as appropriate preventive advice. Price £30


Thorough tooth cleaning and polishing for health. Your gum health is monitored and we provide appropriate excellent preventative advice and encouragement. Prevention maximizes success of previous treatments, reduces future treatments and is fantastic for your overall health. Price £50


Payment plans are available to cover the cost of your ongoing care if you prefer to pay monthly by direct debit. The plans include additional benefits including insurance against dental injury which are suitable for adults or children. Details of benefits and premiums are available on request. Discounts are available for groups of two or more patients.