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Price List

Revised 23rd June 2020


Non-AGP Hygiene Appointment£10
AGP Hygiene Appointment£20
Non-AGP Dentist Appointment (dentist plus one nurse)£15
AGP Dentist Appointment (dentist plus one nurse)£35
AGP Dentist Appointment (dentist plus two nurses)£50


Examination for New Patients£65
Full Mouth X-ray£30
Small X-ray (one or a couple of teeth) – price per X-ray£10 each
Hygiene visit with Ruth or Maria (30 Mins)£55
White Filling (depending on size)£75 – £200
Extraction (depending on complexity and number)£50 – £140
Complex (Surgical extractions)£140 – £180
Healing Plasma after extraction or surgery£200
Deep Cleaning of Gum Disease – per quadrant£200
Gum Surgery for Deeper Infection – per quadrant£400
Root filling single rooted tooth£250
Root filling tooth with 2 roots£350
Root filling tooth with 3 roots£500
(Note all root filling fees include xrays and not medication)
Custom Sportsguard£90
Under Armour Pro Sportsguard (price varies with design)Variable


Partial Denture – 6 or more teeth£700+
Full Dentures – per jaw (see mini implants)£1,000+
Chrome Dentures (minimal palate etc) – 6+or more teeth£1,500+


Composite Veeners £350 – £500 each
Porcelain Veneers £600 – £900 each
Porcelain Crowns or Bonded Bridgework – per tooth£500 – £900
Home Whitening (including trays)£300
Internal Whitening£280
ZOOM! Whitening (includes home trays)£395
Lab-Made Adhesive Bridges – per tooth£900
Simple Adhesive Bridge£500
Botox for one area£150
Botox for two areas£230
Botox for three areas£290
Fillers Nose – Mouth Area£295
Fillers for Lips£250
Biteguards (There are many kinds depending on the design and work involved.)£90 – £650

BRACES (Orthodontics)

Clear positioners (price varies with amount of positioners)£1,000+ per jaw
Bonded Retainer£120
Removable Retainer£90
Invisalign Vivero retainer set£450


Please note there are a wide range of implant solutions on offer. Here is a sample (Consultation for existing patients, no charge)

1 Implant and 1 Crown£2,100
2 Implants Supporting 3 Tooth Bridge£5,000+
2 Implants Supporting 6-10 Click-on-Teeth£4,000 – £5,000
4 Implants Supporting 6-10 Click-on-Teeth£8,000+
4 Implants Supporting a Fixed Bridge of 10/12 Teeth£12,000+
4 Implants Supporting a Removable Bridge of 10 Teeth£10,500
Mini Implants for Stablising Dentures £700 each
Gum Grafting – per tooth (discount for multiple teeth)£250 for a single tooth
Less if multiple teeth treated at the same time.
Bone Grafting (depends on technique)£500 – £900
Sinus Grafting£1,500
Apicectomy (removing an infected root tip)£180+
Healing Plasma (after extractions or surgery)£200
CBCT scan 1 jaw£150
CBCT 2 jaws£200


Gas and Air – per visit£130
IV Sedation (chaperone required) – per visit£150
Oral Sedation – by tablet (chaperone required) – per visit£50

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