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028 9032 6795


We are gratefully to receive referrals from colleagues for a range of treatments. We will adhere to the details of your referral and keep you informed at all times. Your patient will be returned to you once the referral is complete and we welcome your comments at any stage.

Treatments Available

Cosmetic Dentistry

Veneers including direct composite veneers, whitening (home, internal and power whitening), gum/osseous contouring, lip repositioning, Clearstep orthodontics. Dental facelift to restore lost vertical height and facial support for full denture-wearing patients.

Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

Full mouth rehab, occlusion issues including oro-facial pain/grinding and clenching, complex wear and erosion cases (including occlusal splints), periodontal therapy including splints. crown and bridges, inlays/onlays, amalgam filling removal, endodontics, dentures.

Implants and Surgery

Apicectomy and extractions (except impacted third molars), perio surgery, surgical extractions, gum grafting. Single or multiple implants. Bone grafting and soft tissue management. Lip repositioning, gum raising and or dermal fillers to correct a gummy smile. Mini implants for denture stabilization.

Prevention and Hygienist Services

Patient management, complex cases, phobic patients including sedation.

Mandibular Advanced Splints

For those hoping to alleviate snoring and / or sleep apnoea.

Emergency Appointments

Emergencies including cosmetic emergencies, trauma and sports injuries. Short notice appointments are always available. Call Adam Jaffa on: 07989 975 584

How to make a referral


Click here to download the REFERRAL FORM


Open the form, fill it in and save the completed form back to your computer with a unique name.


Come back here and enter your name and email address below and upload your Referral Form, X-rays and any photos.


Click the SEND button to submit your files.



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    If you have any problems you can email your completed Referral Form, X-rays and Photos to Adam adam@gdconline.co.uk or call him to discuss your needs.