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028 9032 6795

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New Patients

Here are some ways to start to find out what sort of results are available and ask questions. If you have a cosmetic query, you can incorprorate a Free Dental Makeover into your visit.


This includes a comprehensive full mouth examination of your gums and teeth, mouth, cancer screening, photo, smile and bite analysis, treatment planning and no obligation quotation. Price £65.

If your assessment requires X-rays they are charged at £10 each for Close-ups and £30 for a Panoramic.

Please note that certain orthodontic assessments will require two appointments and a supplementary fee.

Simple Cases

For simple cases, such as an opinion on a single tooth, a full mouth examination may not be required. We therefore keep consultation fees to a minimum.

Complex Cases

For complex cases where treatment will be extensive, a second consultation is often useful to give you time to go through further questions. Occasionally, further diagnostic measurements are required.

For advanced implant dentistry a CT-scan can be helpful. This provides a 3D image of your jaws allowing a more rounded picture of your dental anatomy than normal X-rays.

For cosmetic cases or for cases where the bite has to be re-designed, a diagnostic wax-up can be helpful. A wax-up is a custom made model of your final smile. It can help you visualise the end result and is used by the dentist to speed up the process and give you better results long term.


This involves moulding a white demonstration material over your front teeth to show your best look. Excitingly you will see yourself with a beautiful smile in 20 minutes. The makeover last a few hours so many people wear it home to show their friends and family. We take before and after photos of the makeover which then becomes a template for your new smile.


These problems get fast tracked, time permitting, we aim to see you the same day.

Call Adam for out of hours emergencies on 0798 997 5584.