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Lucy Stock is a columnist for the Irish News

How Snap-on Dentures Can Help Regain Confidence

by Lucy Stock BDS DipImpDent RCS (Eng)

Published in the Irish News . 28.03.2012

It can be very embarrassing when a denture slips up and down during conversation. A denture is a removable plate with replaces either all or a couple of missing teeth. If a denture moves when eating it can be uncomfortable giving sore spots. Many times people express this as a reason to avoid eating out. Some denture wearers avoid certain hard foods like apples and steaks or end up cutting food into very small pieces to make eating easier. Top dentures cover the roof of the mouth which reduces taste and can be an unnatural feeling.

Denture wearing can also become more difficult over time because the longer teeth are missing the more the gum and underlying bone shrinks away. This causes the gum to flatten off more and more until it’s totally flat which means that the denture just “floats” around. So a denture can feel firm when it’s first made and then years later may slip and move around.

So having a denture that is firm, comfortable and less bulky really improves daily life as eating and speaking are such big parts of our lives. Dentures can be improved by making them “snap on”.

Snap on dentures can be made a couple of ways. If there are teeth left the dentist can adjust the appropriate tooth and place an attachment that clicks into the plate. If there’s no suitable tooth or no teeth at all dental implants can be used. Dental implants are replacement metal roots. They’re placed under the gum and the attachments placed on top again which snap into the denture. Plates with a few teeth or full dentures are suitable to be converted to snap on dentures. 

There are many different attachments – magnets or little balls which work like poppers on clothes can be used. These fit underneath the plate so they’re invisible when you smile. The firmness that can be achieved is fantastic. Eating not only becomes easier but a top denture can be adjusted so that the roof of the mouth is uncovered which feels great – food can once again be tasted properly. So no more having to choose soft foods from the menu and confidence is restored when dining out in company. 

The emotional improvement with a snap on plate can not be underestimated; well being often dramatically improves after treatment.