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028 9032 6795


Lucy Stock is a columnist for the Irish News

Testimonial 3

How do you feel about the way you were treated?

From the very first phone call and on every visit I was warmly welcomed and made feel completely at ease. On every visit I was treated with kindness, gentleness and complete professionalism, always with good humour and even at weekends I could, and did call when I needed support after having work done.

How has having your teeth fixed affected you?

It’s difficult to explain how my life has turned around since having my teeth fixed. I now have, for the first time in my life, confidence to smile, laugh and have my photo taken! This has made me more sociable and approachable both in my working personal life. Feel like am only living now as a result!

How could we improve our service?

I honestly can’t think of any way in which your service could be bettered. You offer an outstanding service of professionalism and friendliness which could not be surpassed. Many thanks for everything.