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Veneers are a fantastic way to improve the shape, size, colour or straightness of teeth – a great jack of all trades if you want to enhance your smile.

We will focus on making your veneers look exactly the way you want them. If you look closely at a natural tooth you will see that there are small variations in tone, opacity and pigmentation within the tooth. When light hits the tooth these “characterization marks” make the tooth look natural.

Really fabulous veneers, especially in porcelain, will have minute characterization marks artistically built in to provide you with a “flawless finish” smile. This is one difference between average and superior cosmetic results.

We work with leading UK Porcelain Technician, Tony Laurie, who reproduces natural beauty using his artistic talent to help create our patients’ smiles. http://www.dentalexcellencetech.com/

Your natural teeth are extremely precious to us so we don’t automatically “prepare” or drill teeth to put veneers on. You can discuss no-prep veneers where no tooth structure is removed or minimal-prep veneers where only a sliver is removed.


Composite veneers are faster and more affordable than porcelain veneers placed in 1 visit. A special layering technique is used to incorporate subtle characterisations which mimic nature. We would typically expect these veneers to be replaced after about 8 years.


The most beautiful and hard wearing veneers available. They are the “gold standard” in cosmetic dentistry, if you ever notice someone has a stunning smile you are probably looking at these veneers. Porcelain work will need replaced after about 15 years.